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April 20, 2014 8:28 PM

Imperial Directory Network was founded in April, 2010. As one of the fastest growing directory network, our goal is to provide free web directory service for webmasters and quality resources and contents for our readers. There are couple basic rules that we follow as a basic guideline the directory network operation. The design of the web directory needs to be unique, provide useful information to the readers and to answer user inquiries in a reasonable amount of time. To check out the latest directories in 2011, visit our free directory list for more details.

A lot of efforts are put into study and research on how to enhance users directory submission experience. Statistics shows the most frustrate experience is contacting directory owners for inquiry. Unless you subscribing to a paid or sponsor submission plan, chances are, you will receive an unfriendly reply, if there's any reply at all. This situation is very common among web directory industry. Directory operators tend to go toward the path that customer services are not needed as they are providing a free service.

We have a different view on how a free directory should operates in our network. Take Google, for example. Most of the services provide by Google are free. But they do provide support for users who required assistance. They do not reply and say "you should wait as long as it takes for your answer as we do not charge you for your inquiry". Most of the designers and operators at Imperial Directory Network have basic training and skills in programming. As a programmer, we use free and open source software on a day-to-day basis. There are times that we run into problems and seek helps through the Internet. Most of the time, we will get our answers without getting charged. To continue the good tradition of providing free service, we always answer to user questions and inquiries in a friendly manner.

If you are new to web directory submission, take a look at the free directory list we gathered for 2014. We ensure you that you will receive a great directory submission experience. For those of you who are expert in submitting website to directories, help support us by spreading the word. If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve ourselves, or if there is any search engine optimization tools that you want us to implement. Let us know by posting a message on Facebook page or contacting us directly with Email. Our friendly staffs will response to your request in a reasonable amount of time. After all, providing great customer support for our valuable reader is our ultimate goal.

Imperial Directory Network thanks you for reading our latest news. With your support, we will continue to build and to gather free web directory with unique design. We hope you all have a great and successful SEO week!

Pay vs. Free Directory

Which is better?

Paid and free directories both give you backlinks. The quality of backlink is vary from directory to directory. The best choice is to submit to both. That way you will get the maximum advantage.

SEO Checklist

Are you ready?

When performing Search Engine Optimization, we divide the tasks into four different categories. The keywords used in page content, the page attributes, the domain name and inbound links. Please read our glossary terms for more detail into on each category.

Each category involves different specialist to optimize. Even though we cannot guarantee submitting your site to our directory network will make you top 5 in Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) for your desire keywords, but we can assist you with building your inbound links as well as giving you tips on how to improve and optimize the other three categories.

Submit Your Site

Why necessary?

There are many ways to promo your business. The most common and effective way is to place an ad on popular search engine, such as Google. The price tag on placing an ad on search engine is very high though. In our experience, each keyword costs approximately $0.5 US to $2 US per click through. Usually it takes 80 to 120 click throughs to receive one sale. So each sale can cost from $40 to $240 spending on advertising on search engine. Although it costs a lot, but it is usually the most effective way to gain customers and traffic.

An alternate solution is to submit your site to web directories. Although you will not receive as much click throughs as search engine. But the cost is relatively low. On average, a permanent link on our directory network cost less than $5 US. But your link will remains and any addition click throughs will not cost you extra. Also, web directory gives you a one-way link that will ultimately increase your linking score to achieve a higher PageRank. In a low budget for your long term goal, submitting to web directory will benefit you in the long run.

For sample directories in our network, please visit sample directories in our network.

To Web Directory Owners

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We provide you with useful tools as well as how to improve your web directory quality. Our ultimate goal is to provide site owners who submitted their sites to our directory network great quality links. And ultimately, be successful in their bussiness goals.